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Sorin Onisor exhibition | Impressions

As I promised in a previous post, here are the images from Sorin Onisor’s exhibition in Oradea. The post “Sorin Onisor | Exhibition” presents more details about this exhibition.

Around 45 participants, a couple of reporters and of course plenty of photographers.
The organization was perfect. Everything else was brief and very well planned.
I have to

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Judith and Carol

Last Monday, the weather was pretty uncertain. So, the photo session was set at the new Ramada Hotel in Oradea.
They, Judith and Carol, met on the salsa rhythm, some time ago, fall in love at a cup of hot chocolate and decided to tell me their love story in front of the lens.
The indoors of the

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Private property

June was a pretty quiet month for this blog. Why? Because I was pretty busy.
Started a 10% off promotional coupon. Designed, printed and distributed. More info to come.
After that, I was out, meeting people and discussing about they weddings, making plans, taking some contracts and making a couple of friends.
Also started designing some other stuff I’ll

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Sorin Onisor | Exhibition

Today afternoon I will go to a friend and photographer exhibition, here in town. His name is Sorin Onisor and right now is working on a
project named “Oamenii deltei”.
The exhibition will be hosted at the bookstore “Libraria Universitaria”, str. V Alecsandri, no. 15 and will be opened today at 16:00 o’clock.
The opening speach, will be hold

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