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Private property

June was a pretty quiet month for this blog. Why? Because I was pretty busy.
Started a 10% off promotional coupon. Designed, printed and distributed. More info to come.
After that, I was out, meeting people and discussing about they weddings, making plans, taking some contracts and making a couple of friends.
Also started designing some other stuff I’ll need around later. More of those a little bit later, in a future post.
But last weekend I felt tired. So, we (me and my wife) went out for a partial-relaxation-shooting experience. In the afternoon, after finishing the stuff needed done around the house, we dropped fast some items in the car and headed for surroundings of the town.
After driving about half of an hour, we just find the perfect spot. Stopped the car, unpacked everything we had carried with us and… packed back very fast and start heading in some other place because there was just one big, black, unfriendly and angry Doberman who sniffed us from distance.
So, after then more minutes of circling around we finally find a place for shooting.

This is the scenario:
In front of the lens: Me,
Director and Photographer: My wife – Nico,
Backgrounds: No dogs allowed – lucky us 🙂

Here are the pictures she made that afternoon – what do you think?


Proprietate privata

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